Vazhakaai (Raw banana) chips

Ingredients (Translation)

2 Raw bananas
Salt to taste
1/2 tsp black pepper powder
Oil to fry

Peel the skin of the raw bananas and using the slicer for chips, slice the bananas directly into hot oil.

Add a little water to the salt and just before the raw bananas turn brown in colour, add a drop of the salted water to the oil. Once the sound settles down, transfer to a kitchen napkin and drain excess oil.

Add black pepper powder and mix well. Tasty banana chips ready.
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Rajitha said... these chips as much as the potato ones!!

Finla said...

I love home made banana chips. Looks delicious.
I have also in my bolg the bannana chips :-)

Raks said...

My mom makes exacly like this..and it will taste divine!! Drooling over ur chips:)

Sagari said...

chips looks so crispy when ever i make chips at home i will endup with saggyyy oily chips your looks soooo good

Seema said...

Looks great & crispy.. Wish i could have some!

EC said...

@ Rajitha...even i love u like nendrankaai chips as well ????

@ Happy cook ... I saw them..i suppose the difference is that you add turmeric powder..i will try it next time

@ Raks kitchen....thanks for ur comments

@ Sagari... maybe u take it out from the oil before time..try frying it for a few more minutes to get crisp ones

@ Seema...u are welcome to have the entire plate dear

Anonymous said...

First time visiting your blog - its is great! Thank you for visiting mine so I could find you. I have never heard of banana chips before - they look delicious!


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