Mandakki Usli

Puffed Rice (Mamra or pori) is known as Mandakki in Karnataka. Kara-Mandakki is often given as a snack item in Kannada households. I first ate Mandakki Usili as a kid when my grandma made it. Since then, the dish is one of my top favourites. Mandakki Usili is easy to make and a break from the usual rava and vermicelli upma.


Mandakki- 2 cups
1 finely chopped onion
1 finely chopped tomato
A small carrot peeled and grated
Curry leaves and coriander leaves
Oil- 1 spoon
Mustard seeds- ½ spoon
1 Green chilly- slit in between

Take the mandakki in a big bowl and pour water over it. You will hear hissing sounds, gently try to mix the mandakki with the water. Then pour off the water and collect the mandakki in another bowl. Repeat this couple of times till the water comes out clear indicating that the mandakki is clean. You will notice that the mandakki reduces in size and absorbs water as seen below. Squeeze out excess water from the mandakki.

Take a pan and heat a spoon of oil in it. Add mustard seeds and allow it to splutter, then add green chillies and curry leaves and asafotedia. Add the chopped onions and fry till cooked, then add in the tomatoes and cook for some time. Finally add the grated carrot and salt to suit the vegetables. Please note that the mandakki already contains some salt, so adjust the proportion of salt to be added accordingly. If you prefer more spicy mandakki usili, little bit chilli powder can also be added. When the veggies are cooked, they will look like this.

Finally add in the mandakki to the veggies and mix gently. Now taste the same and add salt if need be. A minute later, delicious mandakki usili is ready to serve. Garnish with grated carrot and coriander leaves. This recipe is our entry to Asha’s RCI Karnataka event. Hope readers trying out this recipe will surely like it.

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Asha said...

Hi Girl,this is wonderful! I do remember eating this a lot,somehow have forgotten all these yrs to make it.Thank you so much for a great entry.I will take it,hugs!:))

Pooja V said...

Hi....i hv eaten this many atimes at a friends place but she adds a li'll bit of it wonderful flavour.

Siri said...


I got to know about this dish for the first time.. thanks for sharing.. will try it soon.. looks yummy..:D

Jyothi said...

Hey Looks yum. Soon will try this snack recipe. Thanks for sharing.

Timepass said...

Thks all. Pooja, i will try using ginger the next time i make this dish.

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