Budding blogger: Sujatha

Meet Sujatha of Gourmet's Kitchenette in the Budding blogger series

She says -

I am Sujatha. I love coding, cooking, reading, watching tv,movies, and all sort of tinkering works. I am married and I am a proud mommy of lovely twin boys to make my life worthliving .We currently live in Chicago. I have a versatile palate and would love to taste and try any cuisine.If I hadnt been a programmer my second choice would have been to become indo-french cuisine chef. I would had my hand with truffle and all sort of exotic ingredients.

I love to cook for my family and friends.

I would really like to share all my experiments and creations in my blogspot with you all.

And your comments and suggestions shall help me lot and inspire me to make more dishes.


Sayantani said...

thanks again EC and a big Hi to Sujatha.

coolblogger said...

thnx a lot EC. You are doing a gr8 job.

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