Budding blogger: Komala

Meet Komala from A Margi's platter in the budding blogger series

She says-

This blog is a dedication to my beloved husband who is a Margi, a follower of Shrii Shrii Anandamurthi. As a Margi he practises yoga and meditation which requires him to consume food that helps to keep the mind clear and sharpen concentration. These are called saatvik or sentient food.

When I newly got married, cooking for my husband was a tough task as cooking without onion & garlic is a nightmare for an Indian women. I did my best but I wouldn't touch it and I’m lucky enough, he eats without a complaint. So, begin my quest for cooking. I searched for new recipes all the time, internet, magazines, cookbooks…as the saying goes “the way to a man’s heart is through his mouth”.

Gradually, my cooking improved as I mastered the secret ingredient to make delicious vegetarian cuisines. All the recipes in this blog have been tried and tested & modified by me. I hope it will be useful to fellow vegetarians.


Chamalisha said...

Thanks for welcoming me to the bloggers world EC. May God Bless You

coolblogger said...

Welcome Komala. We all hve been there bring a kitchen virgin with fear to serve vigilant gourmet in-laws. But look at u now , writing blog.
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