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I welcome you to my blog ! I am a happy Indian homemaker and just want to share some of the seemingly difficult recipes in cookery and certain tips that would help while working on intricate recipes. The *idea of creating a cookery blog* emerged from constant searches for Indian recipes over the internet for relatively easy-to-make dishes. As a teenager, I had constantly watched various cookery shows on television and was eager to try out them just after the show. I used to wait to hear comments on the dishes from my parents and brothers. Several years later (that is after I got married and had a kid), I still yearned to learn to cook new dishes and eventually comments from my husband and in-laws.

I would like to share the lessons that I learnt and how to make cooking somewhat simpler without compromising on nutrition and taste.

Also, over the years, it occurred to me that there needs to be at least an online scrap to look back and help re-inherit our culture. Our culture and various festivities had been the cause for celebration and interactions between people. I would also like to describe some of the food associated with various festivals and how to make them.

In short, this blog contains basic tips for food preparation which are required for a typical Indian Family. I look forward to have your support and wishes.

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