Super blogger Sunday : Varunavi of My Kitchen Aroma

Meet Varunavi of My Kitchen Aroma in the Super blogger Sunday series. She has been blogging for a little more than 2 years now and has a collection of more than 250 recipes. She bakes a lot and uses her Microwave efficiently..Read more about her...

EC: Tell us something about yourself

Varunavi: I am a management graduate from hyd and a SAHM. A banker by profession and left my job after getting married and relocated to Oman and then to Dubai. Now SAHM for two kids aged 7 and 3 ½.

I try to post regularly say a gap of 4-5 days between each post. And most of the posting I do at night when kids are sleeping.

My other hobbies are crocheting and painting. Crochet I learnt in school just the basic and got inspiration from my dear friend crafty and ec to learn more complicated crocheting. Here is my crochet page.

EC: Who and what inspired you to start food blogging ?

Varunavi: Met a school mate in the social networking site after 18years of leaving my school. He is a veteran in blogging and blogs here. He gave me a idea of starting a blog and my blog varunavisworld was born. Its my personal blog where I write about my kids, my hobbies and general things which effects my day to day life.

I used to contribute my recipes to one of the website and then one day I thought anyway I am cooking, taking pic and uploading in that site why not I open my food blog and my kitchen’s aroma was born. The blog name was given by my hubby.

Since I was a kid I was interested in cooking and used to collect paper clips and booklets which comes with the prestige cookers and mixers. I still have those books which I collected some 25 years back.

EC: Do you think blogging has widened your perspective and exposure?

Varunavi: Yes it widened my knowledge of everything you name it. I met many like minded people with whom I always interact in the blogs. I get inspirations,suggestion,advice etc from the people whom I have never met in real life. I love this virtual world.

EC: Your views on plagiarism and how can we fight it ?

Varunavi: It makes me sick to know that your hard work has been copied. Recently a site has copied my recipe and I sent a mail and they apologised and removed my content from their website. We put on so much hardwork to post a recipe and we should not tolerate the plagiarism. We should fight and will always support bloggers who are fighting against plagiarism.

EC: You have made many cakes and tried microwave cooking...ur tips for a newbie

Varunavi: First know your microwave, read the booklet thoroughly before using your microwave. Your microwave should have convection and combination mode. I bake in combination mode and it is always better to refer to the booklet, the booklet itself is self explanatory.

Intially it will be trial and error and first start with small quantity. It is a misconception that microwave takes much power.I almost cook rice everyday in microwave and I found it more economical than the gas. More faster as well.

EC: You have tried various cuisines..which is your favourite and which is the simplest according to you

Varunavi: I prefer Indian cusine and sometimes Chinese. Indian cusines you have both simplest and complicated recipes.

EC: Your favourite vegetarian recipe

Thanks to all for the great support you all give me by commenting on my post. And sorry for not coming to your blogs because of short time I have on the net.


Priya Suresh said...

Love Saritha's space, glad to know more about her..

Saritha said...

Thanks ec for giving me an opportunity to express myself here in ur space.

@Priya thanks :)

Shyla said...

Great interview! Wonderful site.

Crazy Eddie said...

Thank you. I enjoyed the interview with Varunavi. I will now check out her blog. Thanks again!

momsnetwork said...

Mouth watering recipe, South Indian food is my FAV!!!

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