Fun n Sun Event Round-up

Thanks to all my blogger friends for participating in this event with cool, refreshing and innovative dishes-

A-Kay from Lemon and Chillies blog presents a fruit punch Pom Ras...

Srivalli of Cooking4allseasons blog comes up with refreshing Minty Water Melon Sorbet.

Priyanka of AsanKhana Blog makes chilled Chilli Cherry Tomato Salad to beat the heat

And then we have DK of Culinary Bazaar coming up with Champurrado which is a Mexican Chocolate Atole Delight

JZ of Tasty Treats presents a cool frothy shake garnished with yummy chocolate- Cappuccino

Soumya of Creative Saga combines buttermilk and cucumber to make a Spicy Cucumber Lassi that would keep the body hydrated as well as quench thirst.

Jan who offers Food with a Pinch of Love in her blog makes Quick dahi vada- a tangy North Indian Chaat variety.

Also there are different varieties of shrikhand to try out from Jan's blog.

And a cool and refreshing Watermelon Slush

Ramya from Mane Adige shares the recipe of Avalakki Mixture which is an ideal snack for summer outings and travel

Bhagyashri of Taste Buds adds strawberry instead of mango to shrikhand and comes up with an innovative Berrykhand recipe

Uma from Essence of Andhra blog shares the recipe of a cool Bengali drink Rasamadhuri Sherbet

Medha Cooks with Love Dahi Semiya thats a simple and quick breakfast for a sunny morning.

Divya of Easy Cooking blog makes a yummy Harshaale-Musk Melon Cooler

Vanamala of My Kitchen World presents a very simple yet cool Mango Milkshake with Icecream

Rupa from Simply Aroma Blog share the recipe of the refreshing and classic Indian summertime drink Masala Lassi

Dhivya from Dhivya's Cuisine comes up with an innovative Banana Apple Lassi

Swati of Chatkhor blog beats the heat with a Kiwi Mango and Mint Cooler

Divya from Dil Se blog makes refreshing, chilled,freshly squeezed,orange juice with a dash of cinnamon and a mint leaf

Miri of Peppermill blog feels just having cool drinks is not enough and so shares the recipe of Mushroom, Pepper and Broccoli Roasted Salad for hot afternoons.

Madhavi from Recipes from My Favorite Place-Kitchen blog shares her mom's recipe of a healthy, oil free and simple Cucumber Khaman

SunshineMom from Tongue Ticklers blog feels Mango Lassi is also a good way to consume mangoes since this lassi is lighter than the usual one and needs less sugar too.

Roma of Roma's Space Blog shares the recipe for a creamy Virgin Pinacolada.

Meera shares the way to make a yummy and creamy Chickoo Icecream

Anjali of The Big Bite blog tells us the benefits of banana and also makes a simple banana side dish

Mansi from Fun and Food Blog blends Raspberry with milk and yogurt for a Raspberry Smoothie.

Kalai of Samaithu Paarkalam presents a cool salad- Toasted Orzo Salad that can also be carried during travels.

Methi seeds act as a cooling agent and Kamala from Moms Recipes blog shares her Mil's recipe of Venthaya Kali

Cham of Spice Club not just shares a Fruit Trifle recipe but also shares some useful summer tips.

Priya makes a soothing Cantaloupe with mint to get through a hot summer day.

Homecooked's Chilled Choco Coffee drink looks heavenly and is a must try.

Sita from For Spicy Lovers blog shares the recipe of Avacado Milkshake...Also have a look at the health benefits of avacado

Ramya who feels that 'A good meal ought to begin with hunger' tells us the health benefits of lemon and mint and makes a Lemon Mint Drink for summers

Heard of Banana Raita...Trupti of Recipe Center has it for us that can be a side dish as well as a snack.

Also, check out her Healthy tomato cooler recipe

A spicy, salty and sweet salad called 5 minutes Melon /Orange Salad is Foodyguru (Srimathi)'s salad recipe for a hot and sunny day.

Pearls of East from Anyone can cook blog shares the recipe for a Refreshing beetroot and pineapple juice. She also gives us info on the health benefits of beetroot.

Anuzi from the blog- An extra side of mirchi, makes Mint and Lemon Crush for the event...a quick refreshing drink

Rama from Andhra Kitchen comes up with a simple Lemon juice to stay cool

Mythreyee of Paajaka Recipes makes Curd rice to keep her chill

Jayashree of Spicy Curry blog makes tasty chilled rasmalai for hot summers

And last but not the least, my contribution to the event is chilled Aval Payasam

I apologise in case I have missed any of your entries for the event..Please mail me or post a comment if so..


Srivalli said...

lovely entries!...thanks for hosting ec

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Lovely round up EC!! Great effort!

Trupti said...

Thanks EC for hosting this event.
Nice round up. Now this summer we have lot of cool, refreshing dishes.

Uma said...

wonderful round-up, EC! Thanks for hosting.

Cham said...

Refreshing dishes for summer :) They all look fruity juicy and easy... Thank you for hosting such a beautiful fun event EC. Nice Job!

Kalai said...

Wow!! What an awesome group of recipes. Thanks so much for hosting this event! :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent round up. Great Job. I would like to see more events from you :)

Ramya said...

mouth-watering round up.. cool event to beat the heat:)
EC u made our job EC to have fun with the above dishes in the summer...

nalakitchen said...

Wow lovely round-up many varities.

Meera said...

Great round up, EC! Looks awesome.

Mansi said...

great roundup! we are all set for a cool summer:)

Deepa Kuber said...

Thats a nice round up, good job! so many coolers all in one post. thats good.

Unknown said...

Wow fantastic !!!!!!! feels so cool to see great ideas to beat the summer. This was really nice event and it was nice to see so many amazing ideas.Blogging is really thrilling !!!!!!!

Well done

jayasree said...

Lovely roundup. So many cool ideas to choose from. Thanks for hosting.

Unknown said...

lovely entries and a nice round up!!!

Asha said...

Great collection for Summer EC, good job!:)

Madhavi said...

Lovely entries n round up, thank you so much for this hosting this awesome event.

Pravs said...

Nice round up and yummy entries.

Jaya M said...

Great round up Dear E ..
we are all set for summer now ...a great collection of recipes...
hugs and smiles

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